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Maintenance Management System:

The base system includes the following:

On-line Helps – context sensitive Helps (Also Printable)

User Profiles - Guardian remembers the Toolbars, Menus, Column layout, Sort sequences etc of each User.

Standard Cost Centre/Hierarchy database structure 

Parts/Materials Catalog (Purchase Subsystem is optional)

Bar Coding – available throughout Guardian

Email notifications:   Used to notify one or more parties of a required action.

Materials Management (an optional sub-system):

Purchase Orders – handles direct purchases, stocking items, blanket POs and services

Inventory processing including Receiving and Issuing

Automated re-orders – tools to help the Purchaser quickly re-order items

Smart Read - Links the Vendors and/or Manufacturer’s barcode or UPC code to the catalog.

Optionally integrated to most Third Party Accounting software packages



The Guardian Report Server utilizes Crystal Reports to produce over 250 standard reports

The number of included reports depends upon the number of Users and the number of Modules purchased

Reports can be set to run  automatically at specific times

Report Criteria can be modified by the User. 

Customers are allowed to create and retain their own set of Custom Reports

Ad-hoc reporting – please refer to the Reporting Overview

Distribution – the ability to selectively print and/or email and/or fax reports

Reporting Brochure
Click below to view the Reporting Brochure (Pop-Up Window):
Please contact us for a brochure containing over 265 sample reports produced via the Guardian Report Server

Optional Modules

Enhanced Drawing, Picture & Document Management

This module allows for the attachment of drawings, pictures and documents to the Equipment/Asset Structure, Purchase Orders, Safety Procedures (items created within the Safety module) and Catalog items.  They are viewed as follows:

Attachments that were created in programs such as Word, Excel, Adobe, etcetera, can be viewed via their native program.


We use a free viewer from Autodesk to view CAD files (DWG, DWF, etc.)   It can also be used to redline, view and port common image formats.

Accounting Integration

This module allows one to integrate to Third Party Accounting Software packages.  The most common integration points are:

Accounts Payable for Suppliers and Vouchers


General Ledger for accounts and optionally exchange rates

General Ledger journal entries for purchases, adjustments and issues.


Requires the Invoicing Matching module

Invoice Matching

Allows a User to match Invoices with Purchase Orders and Receipts .   An approved Match:

Generates an Accounts Payable voucher


Automatically adjusts any historical costs should the Invoice price or quantity be different from the original Purchase Order

Wireless Warehouse

Allows the use of handheld wireless scanners to Count and/or Issue Inventory. 

Web Material Request

Provides both Guardian Users and non-Guardian Users with the ability to make Purchase Requests over the Internet.  This module is in the process of being upgraded.

Web Work Request

Provides Users the ability to make Work Requests over the Internet.

The Maintenance Department manages these Requests

Work Orders are created via the Web Work Request Manager for the accepted Requests

The original Requester is sent an email as to whether their Request was accepted or denied.

The new Mobile Work Request APP  submits Work Requests from the APP into the Enterprise system for processing via their Smart Phone or Tablet.

Resource Manager/Tool Crib

Industrial Version:

Used to reserve, track and manage specialized equipment that is required to perform maintenance functions.  An example would be a crane.

Facilities Version:

Used to reserve, track and manage specialized equipment that is required for maintenance functions and/or for functions.  An example of a non-maintenance use would be catering equipment, chairs, tables, electronic equipment etc.

Downtime Reporting

This module records downtime by production line and/or by equipment.  By tracking downtime, one can insure that critical parts are available and the appropriate procedures are in place to quickly get the plant/equipment/facility operational.  A number of reports come with this module including some graphical reports

There is currently no capital charge for this module, only Support is charged

Safety Management

This module was designed to help safely manage the shutdown and startup procedures of all energy types within an area, including electric, pneumatic, hydraulic etc.  The module keeps an audit trail of all changes and therefore it can be used to manage any critical procedure that is used within an organization.  It is optionally interfaced to the Enhanced Drawings.

Mobile Work Orders (Tablet or Smartphone):

The functions of this module are as follows:

Material Requests

Inventory Counts and Inventory Adjustments

Receiving and Issuing Materials

Checklist Work Orders for Mobile Equipment

There are a number of Mobile APPs in various stages of design and development in no particular order:

Preventative Maintenance:

The PM Cycle (Click for full view)
PM Definition and Creation
Preventative Maintenance Brochure
Click below to view the PM Brochure (Pop-Up Window):

Sample Menus and Screenshots

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