Guardian Software Products Inc. is both the developer and support provider for the Guardian Asset, Maintenance and Materials Management Software package.   The GUARDIAN software development was funded by the activities of Western Software, a sister company, that was originally established in 1975 for the sole purpose of implementing and customizing software solutions.  The experiences of Western Software demonstrated a need for a comprehensive Windows based Asset, Maintenance and Materials Management Software package, a solution that kept key strokes to a minimum and therefore providing a product that Maintenance personnel will actually use.  

Guardian Software Products Inc. is a privately held company owned by Marvin and Genevieve Sigalet, carries no debt and therefore is not dependent on any outside financial decisions.  References are available by contacting Mr. Marvin Sigalet at 604 607 5595.


Guardian Product Design Overview

The mandate given our Software Development Team was to produce a full-featured Asset, Facilities, Maintenance & Materials Management Software package that addresses the requirements of today’s cost conscious Managers with the following key goals: